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-Meet The Duo-

Some Fun Facts about Us!

We've been MARRIED for 6 blissful years!

We love GOD.

We have a beautiful fur baby named SHANELL.

We love shooting BEAUTIFUL people and sharing MEMORIES.

We like to drink COFFEE while sitting next to the fireplace.

We especailly LOVE drinking BOBA!

We can't get enough of each other!

We've been enjoying the view from behind the CAMERA for over 8 years.

We're the total opposite. When one is COOL, the other is always HOT...body temp wise. lol

We enjoy surrounding ourselves around OPTIMISTIC people.

We love to EAT good food!


We are a tag team duo of husband and wife (Pheng and Kristine) located in Yuba City and serving all of beautiful sunny California. Sharing the same passion for art, we decided to embark on a  journey and start a business where we could provide our clients with all the great things we love to do! So here we are, a not-so-average couple determined to provide the best photography, videography, photo booth, and DJ services possible! Pheng has always been the more adventurous one when it comes to these kind of things. What could I say, the man knows his stuff! He taught me everything there was to know about this specific form of art and I fell in LOVE. Now a days we find ourselves teaching each other new things. He adds in a bit of his taste and I finish it off with a kick of my own. It's like having the best of both worlds! You want amazing, eye-catching photos; we've got you covered. You want a special moment captured where you can relive each second over and over again through cinematic film; we're at your service. You want guests at your event to enjoy the fun and excitement that a photo booth has to offer; honey you know who to call. You want to create that beautiful, romantic setting at your wedding with lights that shoot to the ceilings and music that moves your crowd; we've got that too. We live and breath for this because we know that what we provide is the very best. The most rewarding thing is seeing the smiles on our client's face or receiving that warming hug letting us know that we've achieved what we were meant to do. Thank you for letting us share our passion with you!

Pheng + Kristine


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